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Due to my passion for adventure and love of food, I spent years traveling and working in many countries throughout Europe, Turkey, and parts of Asia.  It is the combined knowledge I gained through working with a variety of regional chefs, and my great passion for all types of cuisine, i.e. i love to eat, that gives our food at Mick and Craigs' that little something extra.

Drawing upon my experiences with both European and Asian cuisine, I have tried to craft a menu that brings together the best of all worlds. So although most of our cuisine is based on European tradition, all my dishes have an Asian influence.

The key to good food is fresh ingredients, therefore I am an avid supporter of using local produce and suppliers, and am always coming up with different ideas on how to make the most of what can be found in the local market. As Sihanoukville is a coastal town our seafood is caught locally, our shrimp, barracuda or snapper dishes are to die for.

Being a traveler myself, I understand the need for comfort food, so on our menu you will find international favourites such as hamburgers, pasta, nachos, gourmet sandwiches, and an English breakfast that will keep you going all day.

Over the years we have gained a good reputation for our nightly specials.  These dishes include a hearty barbecue, sizzling Mexican, tasty Indian and our famous Sunday roast, which has been recommended by the New York Times.

Craig Warren
Executive Chef

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My name is Tali and I stayed at your guest house last week. I just wanted to say Thank You and that I will definitely recommend your guest house to any friend that is coming your way.

The room was great, though I suspect it has an ant colony. I didn't mind as I favor all of God's creatures including insects with the exception of Cockroaches (slimy bastards), but you might want to look into that in case other guests might be bothered.

Your staff is so friendly and hospitable and they made me feel at home and your food was so palatable that it made me rub my tummy with delight after every meal (especially dinner).

You were by far the best guest house i stayed in and though you are slightly more expensive the price is totally worth it, so again Thanks.

Keep on with the good service and I hope to stay with you again if I come to Sihanoukville (which I might because I loved it).

Kind Regards
12 Apr 2010

This guesthouse is in a great location, but still manages to let you have a nice sleep. The rooms are clean. I would recommend Mick & Craigs highly. Mick & Craigs also was great about letting us put everything in a safety deposit box so security was not an issue.
Jessica Ceccarelli
4 Mar 2010

Absolutley fantastic location, really lovely staff and great inexpensive food at the restaurant downstairs. A little noisy at night, but that's to be expected. Stayed 4 nights and was generally really pleased.
Rachel Larkin
10 Mar 2010

Good food, convenient, clean and simple rooms.
Maja Markovic
17 Feb 2010

Friendly hostel with good bar / restaurant area to meet other travelers.
Neil McLean
12 Feb 2010

The staff is really nice, warm-hearted and always eager to help you and chat with you. A great place to stay for its value.
Mathis Nadualuti
14 Jan 2010

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